Open Arms

by Danger Hailstorm



Still low, stuck in a pot of gold.
So slow, don’t know which way to go.
Too burn, is really no concern.
Mind games, you’re driving me insane.
Don’t know what is right or if it’s wrong anymore?
As I lay awake I stare down at the floor.
I think I’m gonna die then I get lost in your eyes.
The things I want and things I need have yet to be seen.
Stop there, just need to catch my breath.
Watch out, you know I got your back.
We learn from all of our mistakes.
This time try to abbreviate.
Open my arms and let you in.
It’s hard to forgive when you’re trying to begin again.
Open my heart and let you in.
It’s hard to believe when you’re trying to forget again.
Last breath, just like the kiss of death.
Your love is like a history test.
Closed eyes and try to levitate.
Third eye and this time concentrate.


released June 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Danger Hailstorm Salt Lake City

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